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State Recognition


Accreditation is the process whereby a program voluntarily pursues self-study, program improvement, and external program review in order to meet and publicly confirm that it meets the criteria of quality established by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) Accreditation Program.

State program criteria are intended to assess quality in all types of programs, including infant, toddler, preschool, and public pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs. MSDE standards are intended to assess quality in programs for young children, birth to six, who are enrolled either in the public schools, center-based preschools, or Head Start programs. They address elements of quality that are specifically critical to early childhood education programs in public schools. The MSDE standards are closely aligned with national standards and with Federal Head Start Performance Standards.

What does it mean?

Many parents think that a child is "ready for school" if the child knows the alphabet or can write their name. Actually being ready for school involves many dimensions that we often don't consider. The Maryland Model for School Readiness defines 5 areas of development for the child. Each of these areas is important if a child is going to succeed in school.

The 5 developmental domains are: Language and emerging literacy, science and math, creative expression, physical health and development, social/emotional.

A child develops at his or her own pace. Usually a child excels at one of the 5 areas and is average in other areas. The task as parents is to support children's development at whatever pace they grow. Most skills that a child learns come through play. Play is very important to a young child's development. It's been said, "Play is a child's work." Finger play is one of the best tools a parent has...it is free, it is attached to you and it is great fun.

What does it mean?
The Credential program recognizes child care providers who go beyond the Maryland State licensing and registration requirements. Achievement of specified training hours, years of experience, professional activities and volunteer work each year lead to quality child care. Credentialed providers have completed training with the Core of Knowledge Foundation, who educate in the following areas: curriculum; child development; community; health, safety and nutrition; professionalism and special needs. The training develops the knowledge and skills required to provide the highest quality care for the children and families they serve.